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10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Car

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Planning ahead helps prevent stress and problems from occurring in the future. In the event that your car breaks down, it’s important to have an emergency kit and a plan. But what about the everyday inconveniences? For women, there may be a few additional essentials you’d like to carry with you. We’ve put together a quick and easy kit that will help you on a day-to-day basis.

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Here are a few essentials to keep in your kit:

  • Hair ties and bobby pins: Because you never know when you or someone else will need them.
  • Deodorant: Whether you ran out the door in a hurry or it’s especially hot outside, it’s always a good idea to have a travel-size deodorant on-the-go.
  • Quarters: Most of the time, you won’t need coins like pennies, nickels, and dimes on the road, but quarters are always useful. Buy a small little coin bag and throw your extra quarters in there for parking meters or unexpected toll roads.
  • Tissues and/or Napkins: You just got your coffee from Starbucks, and as you’re pulling out of the parking lot, someone cuts you off and you have to slam on the brakes. Keeping tissues or napkins on hand will help you clean up the mess.
  • Feminine Products: Unfortunately, these products are not always accessible in public restrooms. Throw some of your own into your emergency kit in case you, or a friend, need them.
  • Pencil and paper: keep a small notepad and a pencil in your kit, too. If you get in an accident, having something write down each other’s insurance information can be helpful.
  • Makeup: If you are someone who wears makeup, purchasing a mini-version of your favorite concealer can prove to be extremely helpful for touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Gum: If you ate an onion bagel on your way to work, you’ll probably need this. If you’re not a fan of gum, throw in some of those Colgate Wisps or another brand of water-less toothbrush.
  • First aid kit: This is important for any emergency kit; you can purchase a pre-made kit or make your own with bandages, antiseptic, gauze, and other helpful items.
  • Hand sanitizer: Do you know how germy this world is? All of that gets on your hands, and then your steering wheel. Make sure you have a way to clean up with some mini hand sanitizer.

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The best part about this kit? Most of these items are probably things you already have around the house. And while this list is tailored to females, many of these items are gender-neutral and can be helpful for anyone on-the-go! What are some of your must-have car essentials?