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[VIDEO] 1947 Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup Is Dragon on Wheels

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1947 Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup

A 1947 Chevrolet rad rod pickup shooting black smoke up into the air

Fixing up old cars and pickups, while frustrating at times, is like breathing to most gearheads, but in what is perhaps the coolest project we’ve seen in a while, you might want to rethink those deep breaths. The 1947 Chevrolet rat road pickup we spotted on 1320video’s YouTube channel (watch the video below) is most definitely a menace, with billows of black smoke emanating from the exhaust stacks like the snout of a dragon. Troy Gubser is the artist at work for this unforgiving rat rod.

1947 Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup

Troy Gubser boasts about his rat rod.

The truck may look old and dilapidated, but it packs a powerful punch. In fact, Gubser claims that the engine, a Ford Powerstroke diesel, makes 505 horsepower and 885 lb-ft of torque. It’s all sent to the rear wheels via a ZF five-speed manual gearbox.1947 Chevrolet rat rod pickup

A closer look at the 1947 Chevrolet rat rod pickup

Gubser likes to take his prized possession out to the drag strip on weekends, towing along his own trailer. In the video below, he gives a tour of the pickup and then takes it out for a turn on the drag strip. Check it out now, but be sure to plug your nose—there’s a whole lot of smoke!

1947 Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup in Action

Would you climb inside Gubser’s rat road pickup?