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1957 Chevy QuikSilver Pickup Heading to Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

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1957 Chevy QuikSilver custom pickup truck

There’s going to be a lot of classic cars at next month’s Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, but few as unique as this custom 1957 “QuikSilver” pickup truck.

It’s got a very charming retro-futuristic design, which is quite evocative of its era, but looks a bit odd on a pickup. People often ask owner Alan Beers why he chose to build a custom truck, when vintage hot rods are so much more popular.

“That was the point,” says Beers. “As a lifelong truck fan, I noticed that no one had ever built a truly ‘over-the-top’ pickup. The big shows were filled with really nice cars, but there had never been a truck that was on the same level of the award-winning hot rods. So I decided to build QuikSilver.”

Named after its slick paint job, QuikSilver has racked up numerous awards, and has been referred to as the world’s ultimate custom truck. Beers worked with Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, to bring his quirky pickup to life.

1957 Chevy QuikSilver custom pickup truck interior at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

QuikSilver’s rich burgundy interior will be on display in Las Vegas next month

“We started with a ’57, because that was the last year of the single-headlight cab that I think was the high-water mark for the model,” says Beers. “But I also wanted a fleetside bed, which was not available that year. So we modified a ’59 bed by hand to fit the ’57’s chassis and cab. But that was just the beginning. We literally hand-fabricated from scratch or modified every panel and every inch of this vehicle.”

An ambitious build, but one that paid off handsomely. And the rebuilt 540 cubic-inch, 650-horsepower Chevy big-block V8 under the hood means that this pickup is more than just a pretty face.

After appearing at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas from September 24th to 26th, QuikSilver will be on display at the 2015 SEMA Show in November, before ultimately going on the block at Barrett-Jackson’s 2016 Scottsdale Auction.

“Pickups are often underdogs in the custom car world because it’s tough to make the entire vehicle work together in concert,” said Barrett-Jackson Auction Company CEO Craig Jackson.

“These 1950s Chevrolet trucks can look very odd if they are modified with a radical chop or sectioned, which makes the vehicle look out of balance,” Jackson added. “Builders typically pass over them because it takes so much more thought to modify, especially in a tasteful way. Alan’s team did a spectacular job in turning this pickup into a piece of art. The effort that went into making this truck is simply amazing.”