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1977 Mercedes Unimog Once Owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger is Available via eBay

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This 1977 Mercedes Unimog is available on eBay and it was once owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 1977 Mercedes Unimog certainly had a unique design

If you have a spare $350,980 just lying around and you’re the kind of person who enjoys driving around in old Mercedes trucks that used to belong to famous movie stars, then eBay has a deal for you because a 1977 Mercedes Unimog previously owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger has found its way onto the car-selling website.

The seller reportedly bought this Mercedes truck directly from the former Governor of California, and the automobile comes with documentation and pictures of him accepting its delivery. Furthermore, Schwarzenegger’s signature can be found on the dashboard.

Only 1,865.5 miles have been put on the Unimog, which comes equipped with a 6.4-liter turbocharged diesel I6 engine good for 320 horsepower. Other notable features include a Blaupunkt audio system, a rearview camera, 22-inch wheels, WARN winch, Hella off-road lights, and an air suspension.

If you are lucky enough to purchase this vehicle, know that you will only be getting one key and no warranty.

Two years ago, another 1977 Mercedes Unimog previously owned by Schwarzenegger sold for $273,600, but that model saw a bit more action and had 13,048 miles on it.

The eBay listing for Schwarzenegger’s old truck will close on January 21st  at 3:30 pm.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this truck is street legal in the United States.

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News Source: eBay via AutoBlog