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2000 Chevy Corvette with 650,000 Miles on it Still Going Strong [VIDEO]

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A 2000 Corvette C5 with nearly 650,000 miles on it

A 2000 Chevrolet Corvette C5 with nearly 650,000 miles on it

Most automotive enthusiasts would consider it a pleasure to take a spin in a Corvette, but what if you had to drive it, on average, 110 miles per day, seven days a week, for fifteen years. Once you’d put 650,000 miles on it, would you still love your Vette?

Mark, a Florida man who has commuted in a 2000 Corvette C5 for over a decade, still seems pretty enamored with his. In a new YouTube video, Mark brags that he’s put a remarkable 649,258 miles on his car, which looks and sounds pretty great. Check it out for yourself:

Chevy Corvette with 650,000 Miles – Video

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Apparently, Mark decided fifteen years ago to make a (then) brand-new 2000 Chevy Corvette his daily driver. He travels regularly from Florida to Georgia for business, and each time, takes the trip in his C5. After fifteen years, he’s amassed almost 650,000 miles total—the equivalent of 26 trips around the earth’s equator!

We’d love to know how much money he’s spent on maintenance, parts replacement, and (from the looks of it) at least one new paint job to keep it looking and running so well. We’d also like to know what Mark thinks of the new Z06 (hopefully he’s not too taken with it, because the trade-in value on a Corvette with 650,000 miles on it can’t be great…)

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Hopefully, though, Mark keeps on keepin’ on in his 2000 Vette for as long as nature allows. Here’s to another 650,000 miles, you crazy bastard…