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2014 Chicago Auto Show Discount Tickets

Chicago auto show ticket Discount

Chicago auto show ticket Discount

The Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show around, with nearly 1000 cars expected to be on display. This is a a great day out, but paying for the whole family to get in can be rather pricey. Here are some 2014 Chicago Auto Show discount tickets that could save you plenty of cash for hotdogs.

Regular Price: $12 for adults, ages 13-61, $6 for children 7-12 and senior citizens (61 and up). Kids 6 and under get in free with a paying adult.

Half-Price Days from Fifth-Third Bank: Stop by your local Fifth Third Bank to grab a set of half-day weekday tickets. Fifth Third Bank is serving as the Grand Benefactor of First Look for Charity. This fundraiser involves local charitable organizations that receive over $2 million each year from the event.

  • How to get the discount: Find a Fifth Third Bank near you,, then ask for your discount coupons. Remember, these are for weekday admission only.

Shell Gas Half-Price Offer: Filling up? If you buy 10 gallons of fuel at local Shell Gas locations, you’ll receive a pass for half-price weekdays for the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

  • How to get the discount: Just pump and show your receipt to the Shell cashier.

Women’s Day, Tuesday February 11th – Being a girl is great. We get free drinks, doors held open, and now half-price admission to car shows. On February 11th, women get in for just $6. There will also be special events geared toward the ladies. I can only hope this doesn’t mean pink engines and white driving gloves.

  • How to get the discount: Be a lady and show up at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, ready for a discount!

Chicago Auto Show Food Drive Discount: On special days this year, patrons who drop off three cans of food will get $6 off of adult admission.

  • How to get the discount: Attend the 2014 Chicago Auto Show on February 12th , 13th, or 14th. Booths for the Safe Haven Foundation will be set up near each ticket location to trade canned goods for discount coupons.

Before you go, check out our full list of never-bef0re-seen car reveals, as well as all of the production models on display at the show:

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