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2014 Kia Soul SEMA Project Brings YouTube to Life

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2014 Kia Soul SEMA Project

2014 Kia Soul SEMA Project Brings YouTube to Life

Last month, Kia announced its partnership with YouTube for the first ever YouTube Music Awards, so it’s no surprise that the Korean carmaker is bring its new partner out of the internet and onto the streets with their 2014 Kia Soul SEMA project.  This unique concept Soul, with its matte white body color and red accents, embodies the YouTube logo both inside and out.

YouTube is probably best known as the place to go to watch cats play on the piano and people make fools of themselves.  Now, thanks to 10 iPad Minis placed within the 2014 Soul concept, you no longer have to be sitting in front of your computer to surf the website.  Along with these iPad Minis, the car features HD cameras and keyboards so you can upload your own videos and a Mac Mini computer in the back seat.  Just like that, you too can be a YouTube celebrity among those geniuses whose body of work includes screaming idiotically about scary things that happen in video games!

We think it’s safe to say that even the dancing hamsters would be happy with the 2014 Kia Soul SEMA project vehicle.  Do you agree?  Tell us your thoughts below!