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2014 Nissan Rogue Arriving at Dealerships

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2014 Nissan Rogue

2014 Nissan Rogue

We’ve been following the development of the 2014 Nissan Rogue since the Japanese automaker first teased an image of its headlight months ago.  Now, the day has finally come for the redesigned compact SUV to hit dealerships, and Nissan could not be more excited about its arrival.

“There is growing demand for compact SUVs around the world due to their user-friendly combination of right-sized exteriors, flexible interior utility and low environmental impact,” said Fred Diaz, divisional vice president of Sales and Marketing at Nissan, in a press release.  “With this exciting, innovative, all-new design, Nissan is aggressively targeting increased sales and share in every market… No matter the specific market nameplate, it’s a guaranteed winner.”

You hear that, eager consumers?  The 2014 Nissan Rogue is “guaranteed winner.”  Nissan probably said that because, well… it is.  If you are able to get past its bold, sleek styling before throwing down money on it, you will find that the 2014 Nissan Rogue’s interior is very well-equipped.

It’s certainly roomy, thanks to an optional third row, and boasts an extensive suite of technologies that includes:  NissanConnect™ with Navigation and  apps the integrate with smartphones, Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning.  Not to mention the 2014 Nissan Rogue starts at just $22,490, meaning all of that capability is as affordable as ever.

So, does 2014 Nissan Rogue seem like a “guaranteed winner” to you?

  • Tony

    Step back for sure. Remote starter missing (same engine for 2013 Altima with STANDARD remote starter) – very big BAD, speed display on dash in DIGITAL – missing – safety feature (Mazda even displays speed to windshield!!!), 3rd Row seats not optional but A MUST to have for everyone looking for SV+family TECH package, with run flat tires and NO SPARE!!! because no space. Tires extremely expensive and will NOT last long for 4-5 years lease – you will have to buy NEW on the end of lease. I do NOT need 3rd line of seats but they gave me NO choice, not an OPTIONAL, this is a MUST – I do NOT like it. Was sure I would be the first to buy/lease new 2014 Rogue, but NOT!!! TOO MANY things for for customer but AGAINST him. They positioned 2014 Rogue for people on late 30th no kids… but with very small 3rd row of seats? why? RAV4 failed with 3rd row seats already, Nissan is following…

  • Peter Jozsa

    Tony, the 2013 Altima does not have a standard remote starter. It is only equipped on the Altima SV or this year’s Altima 2.5 S with the Sport Appearance Package. Digital speed display is not necessary when the analog gauge is there. Analog is also more precise and there is no chance that the LCD would malfunction leaving the driver without a speedometer. The 3rd row is not a must if you want tech (I assume you mean navigation) all that is available with the SV Premium Package. The family package only includes two things, run-flat tires because of the reduced space and the 3rd row seating. Tat 3rd row is there for the occasional pick up the Smith’s kids as well for that mall run. It’s not for families with five children, there’s the Pathfinder, Quest or Armada for that. There is no 4-5 year lease by the way. And no mainstream SUV in the industry has tires that would last 60k – 75k miles anyway. If you lease, you have to return the car with tread depth of 1/8″ anyways. A typical 3 year lease will not wear a tire to that extreme so you will not have to replace the tires upon turning the car in.

    Of all the negatives you had mentioned, none are correctly depicted. Maybe you should look for the positives instead. 33mpg, Advanced Drive Assist Display, Easy Fill Tire Alert, around-view monitor, intelligent key system, LED running lights, power liftgate, forward collision warning, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning,active ride control, active trace control, active engine braking, digital dual-zone temperature control, divide n hide cargo system, zero gravity seats, fold-flat front passenger seat, panoramic moonroof, EZ-Flex seating system, apps for the head unit for internet radio and other uses. These are all that the competition does not have.

  • Tony

    Thanks, Peter. Sorry to say, but I can NOT agree with you.
    1. I have leased 2013 Nissan 2.5L Altima SV (for 4 years) with Remote Starter (not paid additional feature, but standard for SV model), Rogue SV with EXACTLY the SAME engine – doesn’t have it.
    2. Analog gauge is great and to stay for sure, DIGITAL a MUST even with projectering speed into windshield – Safety related very important issue. I CAN NOT move my eyes from the road reading how many lines below/above 100 km/h line and calculate what is the real speed is. I have to see within a second/half a second staying concentrated on the road. For this ONLY reason I have my GPS on my widshield with speed indicated on the corner (imagine??? I have Altima with Navigation and HAVE to set ANOTHER GPS just to seee my current speed in digiotal format!!!). Altima/Rogue have nice BACK of the car displayed on Dash’s small display (between speed and RPM) even with option to change a colour, but I do NOT NEED this – absolutely useless!!! I need support for my safety driving, not useless decoration, sorry. Mazda/Lexus, … already using feature with projectering current speed to windshield – you do NOT need to move your eyes from the road – safety related!!! OBD II already has digital speed ready, but Nissan doesnt want to hear from customers, I believe. On E-Bay – a lot of devices with OBD 2 connection and projectering currect speed to windshield – very easy and extremely convinient, $100.00. But I want it from the company car manufacturer, not from unknown supplier.
    3. The only one option to have Navigation, camera and so on WITHOUT run-flat tires and 3rd row of seats – AWD the MOST expencive model. I do NOT need AWD with $2,000.00 extra cost. I an OK with SV model WITHOUT 3rd row and WITHOUT run-flats… Nissan didn’t give me this option! I am looking for SUV right now and 2014 Nissan Rogue was THE ONLY ONE my BEST option before – not any more, not an option at all – pretty bad for me – I spent a LOT of time looking for my next SUV and 2014 Rogue was the only one and best – not any more and I have to start from the very beginning. As for Altima (as a mother for Rogue – new Rogue – exactly the SAME as year older Altima, 95%, – BORING!!! – I found that my just 9 months old 2013 Altima SV already RUSTED on the back (looks not right, I believe!!!), every wipers move make my front window unclear for 1-3 seconds which as a clear safety issue – VERY uncomfortable and dangerous!!! Rear window heating/defrost system is extremely uneffective and required 10-20 minures to melt ise/snow and for sure requered rear wiper, FOR SURE!!! another safety issue. Water is penetrating from outside to motor part and from under the hood to inside on driver’s foot – not safety related but not very comfortable and a lot of other smaller issues… I LOVE my Altima, but I would newer lease it today with what I already dicovered, to be honest. By the way My Lease Agreement is for 4 (four) years and i was able to sign for 5 (five) years Lease with a little low monthly payments. Whay you said “NO 4-5 years Lease” – I do NOT know. My please and Thanks for your replay! By the way – about fuel efficiency… I have 8.5 L/100 km combined fuel consumption on my dash with 90% of HWY driving. Not even close to 5-7 L/100 KM. Not even close!!! Thanks again, Peter.