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2014 Porsche Boxster Overview

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2014 Porsche Boxter Overview

2014 Porsche Boxster Exterior

The iconic Porsche Boxster underwent a complete redesign last year, and enthusiasts still can’t get enough in 2014. The all-new lines of the 2014 Boxster provoke a feeling reminiscent to that of exotic cars (Ferrari comes to mind), and standard 18-inch wheel only bolster what is already jaw-dropping curb appeal.

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2014 Porsche Boxster Performance

The 2014 Porsche Boxster looks fast, and that’s because it is. The base, 2.7-liter flat-six generates 265 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque. The Boxster S raises the bar a bit with its 3.4-liter flat-6 that pumps out 315 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque, which propels the 2014 Boxster from 0-60 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

2014 Porsche Boxster Efficiency

People expect the 2014 Porsche Boxster to be fast, but its fuel economy may surprise some people. The base, 2.7-liter flat-six returns 22 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, while the high-performing 3.4-liter f;at-six still manages to return 21 mpg city and 30 mpg highway.

2014 Porsche Boxster Interior

The exotic sports car feel of the 2014 Porsche Boxster doesn’t stop when you enter the vehicle. The available two-tone leather trim rivals that of any vehicle on the market, and the two trunks (one front, one back) make sure the 2014 Boxster can accommodate your golf clubs despite its two-seater proportions.

2014 Porsche Boxster Safety

Standard safety features on the 2014 Porsche Boxster include stability and traction control, antilock disc brakes, four airbags, and rollover safety hoops. Available adaptive cruise control automatically maintains a safe distance from vehicles, and is even able to brake in emergency when the cruise is not engaged.

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