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2014 SUPER GT Preview Shows Speed is Sexier than Ever

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2014 SUPER GT Preview: Behold Nissan's Sexiest, Speediest Racecar Yet

The SUPER GT seems to be the lucky car for Nissan’s racing branch, allowing them to win multiple championships after debuting a new model. Judging by the 2014 SUPER GT preview, it’s safe to say that the Japanese carmaker is going to be luckier than they have ever been before.

With the ability to develop their own engine and new regulations allowing manufacturers to develop the exterior aerodynamic characteristics of their cars, the upcoming SUPER GT500 Class race series will be an interesting one. While 70% of the new GT500 Class car is a replica of others in its class, the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 showed just how much a new engine design can do, already breaking the course record at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia during winter testing, making it a top contender for this upcoming racing season.

The first round of SUPER GT500 Class races will start April 5-6 at Okayama Circuit in Japan, so make sure you keep an eye on Nissan’s sexiest, speediest car yet!