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2014 Toyota Corolla Consumer Reports Review Gives Positive Feedback

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2014 Toyota Corolla Consumer Reports Review

2014 Toyota Corolla

Consumer Reports magazine is one of the most influential publications in the market. With its valuable, in depth look into a variety of products, ranging from electronics to cars, it’s practically the Bible for consumers looking for the best of the best—so when a car get a positive review from it, you know it’s good. The 2014 Toyota Corolla is the latest vehicle to undergo the scrutiny of the Consumer Reports gaze and came back with a positive nod towards its redesign and great new fuel economy.

Toyota understood that it needed to make the Corolla more competitive in the crowed sedan market, responding to this need by completely redesigning the 2014 Corolla, top to bottom. Consumer Reports saw this redesign as a huge improvement, creating a more modern silhouette that no longer makes the Corolla a car your grandma drives.

In addition to the revamped exterior, the 2014 Corolla got a few positive notes due to the new CVT gearbox, a feature that enables the sedan to receive more gas mileage than ever before. This aspect, along with a backseat that is four inches wider, providing more legroom than ever, are the reasons behind a great 2014 Toyota Corolla Consumer Reports review.

Do you think the 2014 Toyota Corolla deserves the following positive nod from Consumer Reports?