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2014 Transit Connect Sales Continue to Climb

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2014 Transit Connect Sales

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon

From May through July, the Ford Transit Connect and Transit Connect Wagon enjoyed year-over-year sales growth of 27 percent, led in particular by a record-setting June and a massive increase in wagon sales.

When compared to 2013’s sales, the Transit Connect Wagon is selling three times better. The Connect Wagon represents about 35 percent of all Transit Connect sales, which compares favorably to sales of the first generation Connect Wagon.

According to Ford, the top retail markets for the Transit Connect line are: New York; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Boston; and Chicago.

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“Consumer demand is being driven by people who want a modern vehicle that brings utility along with value and efficiency,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Transit Connect and Transit Connect Wagon offer capability and flexibility in a stylish package that resonates with the customer.”

Ford notes that Hispanic buyers in particular have been a major factor in the success of 2014 Ford Transit Connect sales, but did not cite specific numbers to support this claim. It is noted that Hispanic customers have taken a definite shining to the Transit Connect Wagon.

“We positioned Transit Connect Wagon – the #unminivan – as a unique, efficient and affordable alternative to the more expensive people movers, and we’re seeing positive results,” said Minyang Jiang, brand manager for Transit Connect Wagon. “Customers understand Transit Connect Wagon is something different and that it has everything they’re looking for, including two wheelbase options, great styling and fewer trips to the gas station.”

Source: Ford Motor Company