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2015 BMW X5 Security Plus: It’s About the Facts of Life

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2015 BMW-X5-Security-Plus-White-exterior-bullets

The 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus can withstand a tidal wave of AK-47 bullets. Photo: BMW

“You take the good, you take the bad, 
you take them both and there you have 
The facts of life, the facts of life.”

When you hear that recognizable tune from your 1980’s childhood, recalling it play from your television on Friday nights, you probably aren’t thinking about AK-47’s being one of the facts of life.

But, as BMW recognizes, “The risk of armed violence – and in particular, attack with automatic weapons like the AK-47 – is a fact of everyday life.” Thus, BMW aims to ensure that high-ranking officials, corporate executives, and anyone else who might be a target receive the highest form of protection in their newest model of security vehicle.

The 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus: Protecting You from the Facts of Life

BMW put its thirty years of experience building armored vehicles into their newest security model: the 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus. While the majority of BMW’s security vehicles are classified for VR4 ballistic protection (according to BRV 2009), the X5 Security Plus is the first specifically designed to protect against AK-47’s, thus certifying the vehicle as class VR6 protection. 

The X5 Security Plus was originally revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show in early-concept form, and BMW has spent the past year preparing the newest security vehicle for three attack situations:

  • Street Crime: blunt objects to the caliber of a .44 Magnum
  • Organized Crime: involving AK-47’s, the most common automatic weapon
  • Extensive Damage: armor-piercing and explosive weapons

Laminate on the glass prevents it from fragmenting and leaving riders vulnerable. Photo: BMW

The solid features touted by the BMW X5 Security Plus include:

  • A security glass laminate with poly-carbonate coating
  • Pre-shaped aramid and polyethylene parts
  • Special protection seams in the glass and armor
  • Ultra-strong special steel plates
  • Award-winning EfficientDynamics program that improves fuel economy
  • A 4.4 liter TwinPower Turbo V8 engine

The best part?

Heavyweight protection won’t deter from lightweight driving. BMW reports that the modified chassis and control system ensures the extra protection won’t hinder the vehicle’s responsiveness and handling. That’s why you’re buying a Sport Utility Vehicle after all, right? The armored X5 even blends in like a normal SUV.

So the next time you pick up your AK-47 from the Facility and nab some extra ammo, don’t expect to be breaking into the 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus anytime soon. With its state-of-the-art protection, you might as well be on “Slappers Only.”

2015 BMW X5 Security Plus - Goldeneye Footage

Your mad Goldeneye skills won’t help you stop the 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus. Photo: Rare Ltd.’s Goldeneye N64 video game via YouTube.

Expect to see the 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus be officially launched at the 2014 Moscow International Motor Show next week.

Source: BMW