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2015 Camaro Pricing Leaked

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2015 Camaro pricing

The 2015 Chevy Camarotes

Info for the 2015 Chevy Camaro has been surfacing over the last few months, but until now, 2015 Camaro pricing info has been nonexistent. Two days ago, Camaro News revealed the 2015 Camaro pricing structure in an article, before Chevy even officially put it out to the public.

Check out the pricing chart below*:

2015 Camaro Pricing

Model Price Cost Compared to 2014 Model
1LS $23,550 Same
2LS $24,995 More
1LT $25,855 Same
2LT $29,055 Same
1LT Convertible $31,055 Same
1SS $33,355 Same
2LT Convertible $34,955 Less
2SS $37,155 Same
1SS Convertible $39,355 Same
2SS Convertible $42,255 Same
ZL1 $55,355 Same
ZL1 Convertible $60,555 Same
Z/28 Coupe $72,305 Less


As always with the Camaro, various option packages and dealer installments are available. Certain trims may carry with them a gas guzzler tax.

*Prices include a destination fee.