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2015 Chevrolet Colorado Is Shedding Pounds

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Chevrolet has taken forward-thinking engineering to a whole new and impressive level. The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is shedding pounds for the upcoming year, following-through on its New Year’s resolution, which is more than most of us can say for ourselves.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado is shedding pounds

The 2015 Colorado uses engineering techniques and lightweight materials to create a truck that is not only expected to be the most fuel-efficient in its segment, but also maintains the muscle and power expected of a pickup truck. The new Colorado is expected to weigh-in at 880 to 1,400 pounds less than the average full-size truck.

The Colorado’s overall dimensions will be slightly smaller, also contributing to its lighter weight. The short-bed crew cab will be 212.76 inches long, making it an easy fit in most garages – and who doesn’t love that? Despite the smaller over-all size, the interior still feels surprisingly spacious. The smaller size and increased fuel efficiency is promised to meet many customers’ needs.

Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer, was quoted in a recent news release saying, “When it comes to building lighter pickups, there is more than one answer. Building on our experience with the new Silverado, we engineered the Colorado to be highly mass-efficient, while still providing the performance, capability, dependability and features that midsize truck customers are asking for.”

We think many consumers will be happy to see that the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is shedding pounds. What do you think? Do the benefits outweigh the smaller size?


  • Brad

    I’m interested in this truck, but not because it’s lighter, because technically, in class it’s not! It’s heavier than the Toyota Tacoma, and barely lighter than the Nissan Frontier. It’s lighter than full size trucks…but so are it’s mid-sized competitors!

  • Who cares about the Tacoma, it is under powered, old, and not nearly as reliable as people want to believe. This is better in every way, more power, more space for people and cargo, more towing capacity and better fuel efficiency. And it’s American made!

    • Benjamin Horne

      Uh, Robert? The Tacoma is American-made. Made in Texas, matter o’ fact, using only U.S.-sourced parts. Not sure if you knew this or not, but here in the year 2014, a lot of foreign automakers have moved manufacturing operations into the United States.

    • cory

      i’ve put over 100k on my 06 tacoma that i’ve ran turbocharged since 30k….it’s been a pretty reliable truck considering what i’ve put it through and averaged 20 mpg’s back when it was stock, for it’s age and the fact that it’s a double cab long bed that’s not too shabby. I too am excited for the new colorado even if it means the re-sale of mine will drop.

  • Brad

    Robert, the Tacoma is what the Colorado/Canyon is competing against, like it or not. BTW….we don’t know what the fuel economy will be yet. The V6 has 40+ more HP than the Tacoma, but will it get better MPG? How is it more space on Cargo? A 5′-2″ bed is a 5′-2″ bed! Their dimensions are almost identical. Point being, compare it to what its comparable to, not something like a full size, that offers ALOT more of everything!

  • Shaun

    Benny, the taco might be made here in the United States but 90 percent of the profits of selling the taco go back to good old Japan. Toyota is the Walmart of automakers, pay folks less and offer no benefits and no union for its workers. Although no of this matters when it comes to buying a truck for most people, it boils down to price, fuel economy and, reliability. GM, must make sure that the new Colorado and Canyon get good fuel economy, and are priced much less then a full size truck in order to get good results out of the mid size truck market.

  • Tony

    Profits may be going to Japan (our strongest ally in the east) but at least they are giving many americans, jobs here.


    The earth is round. Stop looking at the map as if the world is flat. Japan is right next to us to the Right. Why would you cross the whole world to get to a place that is a boat ride away. Go back to school.

    • I Can Read a Map, Aren’t I Special?

      Mr. Krook,

      What planet are you from where Japan is “right next to us on the right?” This isn’t sarcasm. I’m legitimately positive that you are an alien attempting to pass as a human being on the internet, but you just haven’t quite gotten the sense of geography yet.

      If you mean that Japan in the East, then you’re pretty much entirely wrong because then you would literally have to fly across the Atlantic, Europe, and half of Asia, which would constitute crossing the whole world.

      Now, if you mean that Japan is directly across the Pacific to the West of the United States (which, by the way, is left, not right), it might be worth noting that taking off from LAX and flying to Tokyo is still something like 11 hours on a plane. If your idea of being “a boat ride away” from a place is being almost 5,500 miles away from the nearest port (that’s like a month on an earth boat, homie), then you must have access to some kind of alien technology.

      Or you could just be an idiot who needs to read a map before he tells someone else to go back to school. More or less the same thing, I think.