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PREVIEW: New 2015 Chevy SS Colors Include Jungle Fever Green

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2014, 2015 Chevy SS Color Options

Pictured: 2014 Chevy SS

The outgoing 2014 Chevy SS color options left a little to be desired. Drivers had their choice of black, silver, white, red, and green (Mystic Green, no less), but none of the colors really popped. Fortunately, the 2015 Chevy SS color options will be much more diverse with the addition of five new, exciting hues.

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While Chevy hasn’t given any official word, is reporting that the five new colors for the 2015 SS will be offered in addition to the existing five for the 2014 model. The colors are—drum roll please—

  • Jungle Fever Green (G6P)
  • Regal Peacock Green (G5Q)
  • Some like it hot Red (G6K)
  • Alchemy Purple(GWR)
  • Perfect Blue(GNT)

Want to start planning your new SS beauty? David Croft at SSforums provided this preview of the new color chips:

2015 Chevy SS New Colors

2015 Chevy SS New Color Preview Photo: David Croft

If these colors sound familiar, that’s possibly because you’ve seen ‘em on the Holden Commodore at one time or another. For example, Alchemy Purple on a Commodore:

2015 Chevy SS color options include Alchemy Purple, pictured on this Holden Commodore.

2015 Chevy SS color options include Alchemy Purple, pictured on this Holden Commodore.

Since the SS is such a low volume seller, however, car gurus suspect the unique colors will be far and few between.

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  • Hendo337

    It was originally called Jungle Fever Green…Lol. Thanks a lot political correctness, I’m guessing they changed it to just Jungle Green once they found out that “jungle fever” means micegination or interracial “relations” in the United States…