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2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6 Today

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2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6

2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6

It’s time, lovers of video games. Follow these simple instructions: return to your home, fire up your PS3, pop Gran Turismo®6 into your PS3, download the 2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6, race with the 2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6, win with the 2015 GT-R NISMO in GT6, repeat. Okay, well maybe repeat steps five and six. You probably won’t need to leave your home unless you plan on going out for snacks between each and every race.

Anyone can download the GT-R NISMO, but only those who participated in the GT Academy 2014 competition will get it for free.

“The GT-R NISMO is an incredible car, and I am thrilled that Nissan is able to not only offer it to drivers across the globe, but now also to gamers in the virtual world of Gran Turismo®6,” said Yamauchi. “It’s another great example of how Nissan continues to bring innovation and excitement to all – both in the real and virtual world.”

It is incredible, and if you can’t afford $151,585 for the real deal, this is the next best thing. So once again, follow these simple steps: return home, fire up the PSTriple, look up your friend on PSN, beat friend mercilessly in a head-to-head, gloat with a victorious sip from your large soda.

2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO | 2014 Road & Track Performance Car of the Year