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2015 Lexus RC Ads Aim to Appeal to Diverse Demos

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2015 Lexus RC Ads

2015 Lexus RC 350

The 2015 Lexus RC Coupe and Lexus RC F have officially launched, and so too have the vehicles’ respective advertising campaigns. The first wave will feature five videos—entitled “Face Off,” “No Limits,” “Flex Your Drive,” “Shatter,” and “Control Drive.”

The first two spots released—“Face Off” and “No Limits”—aren’t terribly unique when held up against other luxury car ads. They’re well-shot and they rely on symbolic imagery (e.g. LIGHTBULBS EXPLODING! ATHLETES RUNNING! PEOPLE BUSTING THROUGH PANES OF GLASS!) in order to push across the idea that woah, this is, like, a really fast and very fancy car.

And, hey, they even got a pseudo-celebrity cameo with Wes Bentley! No appearance from the whispering back-of-the-head face of Edward Mordrake, however, which can only be seen as a missed opportunity.

2015 Lexus RC Ads


The most interesting aspect of the 2015 Lexus RC ad campaign could be the as-yet-unseen “Shatter,” which Lexus says is “geared toward the LGBT consumer and shows how the RC F breaks through barriers by standing out from the crowd.” If it’s handled well, this could be a somewhat significant moment in automotive advertising, as some automakers have gotten close to catering ads toward LGBT customers but never actually focused an entire commercial toward the demographic.

“Control Power” is aimed at Latino buyers, and “Flex Your Drive” is “tailored for the black audience.” Wait. We get it, Lexus, we really do. You want to make sure no stone goes unturned and that you make it known that your badass car is ideal for anybody and everybody. That’s admirable and, quite frankly, refreshing (although it seems like you could be doing more to target the ever-ignored female demographic). But you couldn’t have gone with slightly better wording that doesn’t make you sound like the stodgy old grandpa that nobody wants to talk to about current affairs at Christmas dinner?

2015 Lexus RC Ads

The VCR just keeps flashing 12:00 at me and I am getting in the red

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what these demographic-specific ads turn out to be. Expect to see them during NFL, NCAA, and NHL broadcasts, as well as during prime time, late night, cable, and network and cable television programming.

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“Face Off”

“No Limits”