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2015 Lincoln MKZ Overview

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2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln has positioned itself once again as a major name in the luxury industry, and its revival began just a few short years ago with the MKZ. Today, the MKZ is the cornerstone of the Lincoln lineup and one of the most attractive vehicles in its segment. Let’s take a look at the 2015 model and all the things it’s got going on.

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Lincoln MKZ

What’s New for the 2015 Lincoln MKZ

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ stands out as the bright light in the Lincoln lineup. Available in four additional colors, the Lincoln manages to offer even more visual customization. With new safety features coming as standard and new leather seating, the MKZ is ready to rock in the 2015 model year.

New for 2015 | Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 

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2013 Lincoln MKZ Overview

2015 Lincoln MKZ Exterior

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ comes with more colors options than ever. New for the model year are four paint colors: Bronze Fire, Luxe Metalicious, Magnetic Metallic, and Guard Metallic. Design-wise the MKZ is sleek rather than beefed up like in the past but the vehicle does maintain a commanding bulk other models have lost. With daring lines and body panels, the 2015 MKZ is bound to grab your attention.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Exterior Photos:

New for 2015 | Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 

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2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Lincoln MKZ Performance

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ’s gas/electric four cylinder hybrid engine pumps out 188 horsepower with 129 lb-ft of torque. The base models (front wheel drive or all-wheel drive) both push out an impressive 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. With an intercooled turbo four under the hood, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

New for 2015Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 

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2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Lincoln MKZ Efficiency

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ boasts the best hybrid fuel economy in its class with an EPA-estimated 41 city/39 hwy mpg for a total of 40 mpg combined. Throw in a 13.5 gallon fuel tank and you can hit the road for hours without having to stop for gas. At its lowest, the 2015 MKZ base model with all-wheel drive taps in for an EPA-estimated combined 25 mpg. Don’t worry; the lower fuel economy comes with a larger fuel tank, 17.5 gallons. No matter what trim you choose, the 2015 MKZ will have more than enough fuel to get you where you need to go.

New for 2015 | Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 

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2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Lincoln MKZ Interior

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ interior is something to be proud of. New for 2015, the standard leather seating was replaced with Lincoln Soft Touch seating surfaces. The touchscreen takes over the interior with a set of shift buttons. That’s right – no traditional console shifter for the transmission. The gauges glow with the displays for the MyLincoln Touch interface, making night driving a wonder.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Interior Photos:

New for 2015 | Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 

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2015 Lincoln MKZ Safety

Lincoln has quite literally taken every safety feature on every Ford and Lincoln model and put them in the 2015 Lincoln MKZ. New for 2015, the rearview camera and sensing system come standard. Everything from lane-keeping assist to adaptive cruise control also fills out the list. The driver is in control at all times, including when using the parking assist that will guide the vehicle when parallel parking. As a result of all the safety equipment, the IIHS singled out the 2015 Lincoln MKZ as a “Top Safety Pick” and one of the safest vehicles on the market.

New for 2015 | Exterior | Performance | Efficiency | Interior | Safety 


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