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2015 Murano: Unashamedly For Older Folks

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2015 Murano

The 2015 Murano caters specifically to older women with empty nests, according to project manager Scott Pak

Whenever an automaker launches a new model or a redesigned version of a lineup stalwart, it’s not uncommon to hear a lot of talk about the “passion” that the vehicle exudes, or all about how it’s “dynamic” or “bold” or, god forbid, “revolutionary.” It’s all a means to draw that coveted 18-35 buyer demo and the ever-elusive Millennial car shopper, and a lot of brands will just outright tell you that’s exactly to whom they’re trying to cater (as if the overall design language and emphasis on tech isn’t enough of an indication).

Not Nissan, at least not when it comes to the 2015 Murano. Although the new crossover looks much sharper than its predecessor, and despite the fact that the mid-size crossover is a segment that is extremely popular among young and affluent car buyers, Murano senior project manager Scott Pak tells Automotive News that Nissan’s focus with the new Murano does not concern the youth movement.

“This is a crossover for the empty nesters, for a female driver and her friends going out for the evening,” said Pak. “It’s not for the 34-year-old, where a lot of crossovers are aiming. We’re looking for 45-plus. They’ve raised the kids. They’ve done the camping and the kids and the hauling. They want a nice car as a reward now.”

Of course, this likely won’t be how Nissan chooses to market the 2015 Murano, partly because it’s hard to build a tagline around the notion that the Nissan Murano is the preferred vehicle for empty-nesters. It would be interesting, however, to see if Nissan takes the approach of marketing a vehicle specifically toward older women, and whether Nissan could pull it off without going the seemingly all-too-easy/definitely all-too-insulting route of pandering with pink and treating the potential buyer like an idiot.

“It’s a lifestyle vehicle,” adds Pak. “It’s for people who reached a stage in life where they can enjoy life and enjoy driving.”

Whatever Nissan’s angle will be, it’s likely to only improve on a formula that’s already making hay: sales of the Murano are up 12 percent to-date with the launch of the 2015 Murano just ahead on the horizon.

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