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2015 Toyota Camry Campaign Launches

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2015 Toyota Camry campaign

2015 Toyota Camry campaign launches

After months of anticipation, the refreshed 2015 Toyota Camry is finally here. Although not an all-new model, the 2015 Camry is so changed that the only body part it shares with its predecessor is the roof panel. In accordance with this change, Toyota is launching a brand new marketing campaign—the first to be released under the automaker’s Total Toyota (T²) market model, which is designed to unify the efforts of multiple agencies under a more cohesive approach across multiple media sources.

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The 2015 Toyota Camry Campaign is called “One Bold Choice Leads to Another,” and features a total of six broadcast spots, as well as print and digital ads, and social campaigns. Toyota has released two of these broadcast spots, entitled “Breakout” and “Guitar,” targeting Generation X’s desire to stand out as individuals, much as the Camry stands out in a sea of similar sedans.

2015 Toyota Camry Campaign: Bride Breakout

In “Bride Breakout,” a beautiful outdoor wedding is about to start at a gigantic mansion, when suddenly a vivid red Camry hits the scene. The Camry contains a young man who has come to the wedding to rescue the bride and take her to her real happy ever after, which presumably stars the young man himself. A car chase ensues, but the classic convertible can’t keep up with the Camry, especially when two helpful dogs block the way.

2015 Toyota Camry Campaign: Guitar

In “Guitar,” a young lady heads to an auction (in her Camry, naturally) and has the winning bid on a storage unit that contains, among other things, an old guitar. The woman decides to reunite the guitar with its previous owner, which happens to be none other than B.B. King. She reunites the musical legend with his long-lost instrument, hangs out with him for a while as he plays it, and then receives the guitar back from the man himself, freshly autographed in gold pen, as a reward for her efforts.

Four more commercials, entitled “Bucket List,” “Fix,” “Movie Premiere,” and “Park,” will follow the debut spots as the 2015 Toyota Camry campaign gets rolling. In the meantime, you can check out the refreshed Camry at a Toyota dealership near you.

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