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The 2015 Toyota Yaris Has One Windshield Wiper

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The Yaris is a quirky little car. It makes people want to sing. It’s small, yet it can fit more stuff than you’d think it would. And, oddly enough, it only has one windshield wiper. But, according to Torque News, that’s just the beginning of the Yaris’ quirkiness.

2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris

The wiper in question is quite large (as it’d have to be in order to effectively wipe the entire front windshield). It’s something you might expect to see on a more expensive car, like a Mercedes. But on a subcompact Toyota, it looks rather strange. However, the windshield wiper appears to work just as well as two smaller ones would, so who are we to judge?

2015 Toyota Yaris


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Here are some other weird things about the 2015 Toyota Yaris:

  • It’s made in France. Most Toyota vehicles these days are made right here in the good olUS of A (including the Camry, Avalon, Venza, Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia, Sienna, Highlander… the list goes on). Other Toyota vehicles are made in the automaker’s home country of Japan. But the Yaris is the only Toyota vehicle to be made in France. Très bizarre, non?
  • It’s not available with navigation. At least, not as an option. You can always have one installed by the dealer, but you cannot order any Yaris model with built-in navigation. Although, in a world where most people rely on their smartphones to get them from point A to point B, it could be that built-in navigation is just becoming obsolete, and that the Yaris is light years ahead of its time (okay, maybe not light years, but years nonetheless).

Weird or not, we have to say that we are fans of the 2015 Toyota Yaris. It’s compact enough to squeeze into even the tightest of city parking spots, while its hatchback body style makes it versatile enough to get you home from IKEA without having to hire another vehicle (unless you buy something crazy and huge, of course). What’s your opinion of the Yaris?

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News Source: Torque News