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2016 Ford Explorer Debut Set for November 19

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2016 Ford Explorer Debut

This teaser for the 2016 Ford Explorer debut could double as a teaser for the 2016 revival of Twin Peaks

Shoehorning bad news into the tail end of a discussion about something more irreverent is a conversational tactic that folks like to lean on when they want to soften the blow of something.

For example:

“Oh, and that was when Ted said, ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ BAHAHA! Isn’t that just the best? We just laughed and laughed and, oh yeah, by the way, I lost my job two weeks ago.”

Why Ford would feel the need to shoehorn good news into a somewhat droll press release about sales performance and projection, we’re not entirely sure, but that’s what it did all the same when it came to announcing the 2016 Ford Explorer debut set for the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. That’s like sitting in on a business meeting and having your boss suddenly break out a keg.

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“The new Explorer is still the SUV America fell in love with – a vehicle built for the perfect family adventure,” said Farley. “Explorer is the foundation of Ford’s full line of award-winning utility vehicles, which is helping the Ford brand grow around the world.”

The 2016 Ford Explorer debut press conference is scheduled for LA press day on November 19 and will be available for the discerning public eye when the show opens to the masses on the 21st.

Right now, we know precious little about the new Explorer—apart from the fact that it’s going to be touted about with the hashtag #ExploreMore—but we assume that this is going to be more a refresh than a complete revamping.

Ford could always just knock everyone back a few notches and debut an entirely redesigned Explorer with aluminum body panels.

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It sounds nice, anyway. Whatever wonders the 2016 Ford Explorer debut holds for us, we shall see when November 19 rolls around.