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Where Can You Get the Jacket from that 2016 Honda Civic Commercial?

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2016 Honda Civic Jackets commercial

A dude reps his ’16 Civic in the new Honda ad “Jacket”

Honda has a new commercial out, entitled “Jacket,” which is ostensibly meant to advertise the all-new 2016 Civic, but which actually has us a bit more interested in the titular outerwear…

Take a look:

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Set to an instrumental version of Fabolous’ hip-hop hit “You Be Killin Em,” the ad takes place in a downtown area where everyone not only has the same taste in cars, but the same taste in clothing, as well.

The commercial seems to want to make the Civic seem more “cool” or “urban” by comparing it to the kind of vintage letterman jackets that are simultaneously nostalgic and trendy right now. No doubt, Drake will soon be trading in his OVO varsity jacket for a Civic varsity jacket, right after he trades in his Mercedes-Maybach Pullman for a new Honda.

But if you’re a die-hard Civic fan, where can you get the cool Civic jackets featured in this commercial?

There don’t seem to be any letterman jackets for sale on the US Honda merchandise site, or the European Honda store. Although the former does sell little Honda shirts for lap dogs, which ultimately proved to be the silver lining to this fruitless search for Civic jackets:

Honda dog shirt


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But anyway, we certainly hope that Honda is planning to actually make these jackets available at some point. They look pretty sharp, and would make great promotional items, which many Civic devotees would be more than happy to buy. Get on it, Honda!


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