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2016 MX-5 Comes to South Africa With Every Bell and Whistle

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2016 Mazda MX-5 Top Down

When it comes to car lovers, South Africa can be a difficult place to live, as new cars are released to the far more mainstream markets in Europe and North America first.

However, the roads have gotten a little brighter in South Africa, because the newest Mazda MX-5 has finally arrived, and although it is only available in one model, that model is seriously tricked out.

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Starting at 389,800 South African Rand (or about $27,000 here in the US), the South-Africa-spec Miata will include keyless start and entry, a nine-speaker Bose audio system, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, heated mirrors, automatic headlights, internet radio, LED lights all around, rain-sensing wipers, 17-inch alloy wheels, a spring-assisted top, and black trim with red stitching, all of which is backed by a three-year unlimited distance warranty, a three-year service plan, and three years of roadside assistance.

For contrasts, those features are represented in US models in the MX-5 Grand Touring model, which starts at a little over $30,000.

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Then again, this still presents something of a problem for the typical South African consumer, since, according to, the average South African yearly wages is about $14,000 US, or about $12,000 less than the median American yearly income.

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