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2016 Toyota Prius Colors Leaked

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The 2016 Prius has finally been revealed for the world to see, but there’s still quite a bit of time before we will see the hybrid trickling into American dealerships. There’s still plenty we don’t know about the Prius’ features, but thanks to some sneaky individual who leaked photos from what looks like a Japanese brochure for the hybrid, we know the colors that it’s likely to be offered in.

Along with the suite of boring-but-practical black, gray, silver, and white, Toyota looks to be adding a pretty bright green into the mix. Additionally, red and blue versions are pictured, though these look similar to two colors already offered in the 2015 model—Barcelona Red Metallic and Nautical Blue Metallic. The green would certainly be a welcome addition for drivers who want to own a green vehicle—both figuratively and literally. It also appears that the 2016 Prius will come with heat suppression properties that’ll help keep the car cooler and preserve its color for longer. This would be the first time for an automaker to use such technology, which is already used in certain buildings, as well as the NASA space shuttle.

Also, while these colors are likely to be offered in the Japanese market, there’s no guarantee that they will make their way to American or European shores. But, given the rather bland color palette of previous Prius models (with the exception of the Prius c), they would definitely be welcome additions.

News Source: Art of Gears

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