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2017 Ford Escape Leads Cross-Country Coca-Cola Journey

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Coca-Cola Ford Escape

Two of the brands most easily associated with America are that of Coca-Cola and the Ford Motor Company. The country takes notice any time these two titans of industry team up with one another, and given the length of the upcoming Coca-Cola Journey, people in 24 different locations across the nation will have little opportunity to ignore it.

The 4,073-mile Coca-Cola Journey kicked off this afternoon at the soft drink-maker’s Atlanta headquarters, covering 24 different stops between ATL and its final destination of Los Angeles on October 5th.

Crossover Appeal: 2017 Ford Escape makes it big in LA debut

The vehicle at the heart of the Coca-Cola Journey is the all-new 2017 Ford Escape. This Escape is decked out in a custom Coca-Cola red exterior that is branded with both the logo of the Coca-Cola Journey and the social media hashtag #JourneyxJourney. Fans of both brands and those who attend events this fall are encouraged to tag photos and posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accordingly.

Naturally, since many a cold pop will be consumed along the way, the Escape is also equipped with a custom-fitted cooler in the rear cargo area. That will coincide nicely with its redesigned cup holders.

Coca-Cola Ford Escape

The Escape will be driven by staffers Emily Bucherati and Meagan Priselac, who will be tasked with creating content in the form of articles, blogs, and photos along the way.

“We’ll visit a mom-and-pop diner in Oklahoma that makes an amazing Coca-Colacake, and we’ll meet concessionaires who serve hot dogs and Cokes at the stadium of the Chicago White Sox,” said Bucherati. “We’ll showcase the connection between Coke and classic Americana by line-dancing in Nashville, eating brisket in Texas and traveling Route 66. We’ll see Rock City in Chattanooga, but we’ll also visit the firstCoca-Cola bottling plant while we’re in town.”

The Escape will be trailed by a 40-foot Mobile Brand Publishing HQ motorhome that houses a team responsible for interacting with customers through social media and “exploring passions ingrained in Coca-Cola’s DNA including innovation, food, sports, music, and culture.”

“JourneyxJourney represents the next natural step for the platform,” explains Doug Busk, global group director, social media and digital communications, TheCoca-Cola Company. “It will allow us to get outside our digital box and into the real world where the best stories – and the people and communities behind them – live. The stories aren’t coming to us… we’re going to the stories. We see this as an exciting opportunity to create deeper connections with both our subjects and readers, and to further our mission to unbottle great Coca-Cola stories.”

To follow along with the Coca-Cola Journey, and to see where the 24 different planned stops are taking place, check for real-time updates.

Coca-Cola Ford Escape

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