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2017 Opel Calendar to Feature Georgia May Jagger and Grumpy Cat

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Opel calendar 2017, Opel Wonderland of Dreams, stars Grumpy Cat and Georgia May Jagger

Each year, Opel puts out a calendar that combines their vehicle models with some weird, out-of-left-field pop culture figures, and/or cats. Past examples include aging pop star Bryan Adams photographing the Opel ADAM, and designer Karl Lagerfeld posing his Birman cat Choupette with the Opel Corsa.

This year is no exception, as the brand has already begun its photo shoot for the 2017 Opel calendar, which will feature supermodel Georgia May Jagger and Grumpy Cat. The theme is an “Opel Wonderland of Dreams.”

Georgia is the daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, and Grumpy Cat is a famously frumpy feline with 8.7 million Facebook likes. The pair is being shot by photographer Ellen von Unwerth, which Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller is spinning as an achievement for “women’s power” (yes, Grumpy Cat is a lady—her real name is Tardar Sauce).

Opel calendar 2017, Opel Wonderland of Dreams, stars Grumpy Cat and Georgia May Jagger

Left to right: Ellen von Unwerth, Grumpy Cat, Georgia May Jagger, and Tina Muller

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“With Georgia May Jagger and ‘Grumpy Cat,’ we have two zeitgeist icons headlining our ‘Opel Wonderland of Dreams.’ And then with Ellen von Unwerth, we have an extraordinary artist behind the camera who presents these models and our Opel models in a very special way. Following ‘Corsa; Karl and Choupette,’ we’re now taking photography of famous cats to the next level,” says Opel CMO Tina Müller.

“Zeitgeist?” Frankly, Grumpy Cat already feels a little passé for a 2017 calendar—at least here in the States. Perhaps the Internet cat craze is just now making its way to Deutschland? If so, fair enough… my perception of German culture is still largely based on old Kraftwerk albums and those funny clothes people wear at Oktoberfest.

At the beginning of 2017, there will be a private exhibition featuring calendar motifs and making-of pictures, with all of the artists in attendance for the vernissage—including Grumpy Cat.

That sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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