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2018 Honda Odyssey to Debut in Detroit, Hopefully Look Better Than These Kids’ Drawings

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Teaser sketch of the redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey

Teaser sketch of the redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey

The fifth-generation 2018 Honda Odyssey will make its global debut in Detroit next year at the 2017 North American International Auto Show. The all-new minivan will be unveiled during a noon press conference on January 9, 2017.

In anticipation of the big reveal, today Honda released an official teaser sketch (above), which seems to preview a sleek, modern, low and wide design scheme for the family-friendly vehicle.

Honda also released four “teaser scribbles” drawn by the young children of the Ohio-based Odyssey Design Team, which the automaker accurately describes as representing a “bold and youthful design.”

“Bold,” indeed! Take this rainbow-colored armadillo shell transporting a family of stick people with weird hats, for starters:

2018 Honda Odyssey Teaser Scribble

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Or this one, which renders the minivan as a Cap’n Crunch hat with arched windows:

2018 Honda Odyssey Teaser Scribble

Then, just in time for the holidays, there’s this pink nightmare:

2018 Honda Odyssey Teaser Scribble

Perhaps the most fridge-worthy (or at least most plausible) entry is this drawing, which looks a little like a minivan and a lot like a melting stick of butter:

2018 Honda Odyssey Teaser Scribble

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“We wanted to have a bit of fun by sharing some of the drawings from children of the Odyssey team members, since they were inspirational in shaping the family-friendly direction of the all-new Odyssey,” said Chad Harrison, Honda R&D America chief engineer and development leader of the new Odyssey.

In addition to the updated styling, Honda says that the 2018 Odyssey will feature new powertrains and a new suite of innovative connectivity, entertainment, and safety features.

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