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2018 Nissan Leaf Spotted in Spain

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Nissan_Leaf_TeaserOh, spy photographers. At The News Wheel we appreciate that they give clues about upcoming vehicles, but we’re sure that manufacturers wish that they decided to photograph birds or fashion models instead. Thanks to an observant hotel guest in Spain, we now know what the 2018 Nissan Leaf looks like, taking some wind out of the automaker’s sails for its big debut in September.

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A reader of Norway TV2’s Broom was staying at a hotel in Spain where auto enthusiasts have spotted quite a few prototypes of next-generation vehicles. At some point during their stay, the reader observed the new Nissan Leaf driving on city streets, probably filming promotional footage for its reveal or commercials. Take a look at it below.

It seems as if the Nissan Leaf’s front end has been redesigned to sport the more dramatic chrome v shape carried by Nissan’s latest vehicles. The back end almost reminds us of the dramatic rear two-tone styling of the BMW i3 or the first generation Chevy Volt. It also has a black roof, but it is hard to make out in the photos if it has a moonroof or just a dramatic shine.

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In general, this vehicle looks more like a Nissan car instead of how the current Leaf is more of a cousin. While we now know what the car looks like, we still have a lot of questions about what is under the hood and in the cabin leading up to its reveal in September. Hopefully that footage shot in the streets of Spain was worth the vehicle being revealed more than a month early.

News Source: Electrek