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3 Good Reasons to Buy the 2014 Corolla

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Reasons to Buy the 2014 Corolla

3 good Reasons to Buy the 2014 Corolla

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when we say the name, “Toyota Corolla?” The answer was probably somewhere along the lines of dependable. Possibly loyal. Maybe a constant source of comfort. Since its introduction to the auto world 40 years ago, the Corolla has answered consumers’ call for a reliable, efficient vehicle, becoming the friend-zoned guy of automobiles, waiting on the sidelines for the cute girl to notice him. Well, the Corolla has now officially left the friend-zone with Toyota’s introduction of the new, revamped 2014 model.

  1. With its new image, the reasons to purchase the 2014 Toyota Corolla just keep growing. First, its brand new exterior look is definitely an attention grabber. The sleek body and new LED headlights just scream, “Look at me!” If you’re looking for a sedan that isn’t the typical family car, you should definitely consider the Corolla.
  2. The 2014 model also has a new transmission, which means even better gas mileage than it already has. Not to mention the fact that it now has an eco model perfect for those who want to save the environment and some money—it gets 40 mpg highway!
  3. If you’re more worried about the interior then the exterior because of a growing family, the Corolla gets even better. The wheelbases have grown four inches, meaning that the backseat has gotten even bigger than it was before. This expanded space is great for those of you with multiple kids to drive around. There is also a touch screen display with Toyota Entune, giving you access to all kinds of mobile apps.

What are your reasons for buying the 2014 Corolla? Stop by your local Toyota dealer today and see why the Corolla has caught our attention.

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