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3-Million-Mile Volvo Still Going Strong

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Volvo cars are known for being ultra reliable, so it was no surprise to us when we heard about the 3-million-mile Volvo that’s still alive and kicking, slowly making its way towards the 4-million-mile mark. The Volvo in question is a P1800, bought by one Irvin Gordon from Long Island in 1966. Over the next 49 years, the retired schoolteacher routinely took his small, bright-red sports car out, helping it pile up the miles until it eventually reached 3 million.

3-million-mile Volvo

Irvin Gordon with his 3-million-mile Volvo
Photo: Barcroft

When Gordon first bought his beloved car, he spent the entire weekend driving it around, racking up 1,500 miles in just one weekend. Since then, he’s taken great care of his car, which has so far received a total of 857 oil changes. Gordon is the ultimate spokesperson for routine car maintenance, since his P1800 hasn’t broken down once in almost a half-century.

Getting your odometer to such a gigantic number doesn’t come easily. Gordon averages around 60,000 miles every year, and routinely takes his car on road trips across North America—and even to Europe, where he has driven through the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. In 1998, Gordon and his car were featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of miles driven by a single owner of a noncommercial vehicle—1.69 million miles at that point.

3-million-mile Volvo

Photo: Barcroft

When asked about his experience with his adored Volvo, Gordon said, “I’m sure I’ll feel very bad once I find out how much I’ve spent on maintaining the car — I spent thousands of dollars every year on gasoline.”

He continued, “My friends used to think I was slightly nuts for driving as much as I do, but now that I am getting all of this attention for my Volvo, they are very impressed.”

Not as impressed as we here at The News Wheel are!

News Source: New York Post