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344,187 Honda Odyssey Minivans Recalled

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Honda has voluntarily ordered 344,187 2007-2008 model year Honda Odyssey minivans recalled in order to correct a problem with the braking system’s software that can cause the vehicle to brake suddenly.

 Honda Odyssey Minivans Recalled

According to the Japanese automaker, there is a software and parts problem within the braking system that causes hydraulic pressure to build in it.  The buildup occurs after an engine restart and, once the pressure has built up to a certain point, the vehicle may brake unexpectedly and without the brake lights turning on.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this can significantly increase the risk of a crash.  Fortunately, there are no crashes are injuries that have been linked to the problem.

In order to fix the problem, Honda will replace a “yaw sensor,” though the part won’t be available until early next year.  In order to help drivers affected by the 2007-2008 Odyssey recall, Honda has provided them with online instructions that they can follow until the part is available.

If you own one of the Honda Odyssey Minivans recalled, contact your local Honda certified dealership for more information.