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3D Tuning is Your On-the-Go Car Configurator App

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Buick GNX in app 3D Tuning

This is one of the many neat things you can do in 3D Tuning. Isn’t it neat?

The new must-have app for gearheads is 3D Tuning, which is available now completely gratis for Android and iOS devices. Trust us, if you love cars and configurators, then you absolutely need this in your life.

The app itself is pretty limited in what it does: you select from more than 800 different cars and trucks and modify every aspect of them to your heart’s content. Just about every automotive brand you can think of is represented here, so you’ll have a lot to choose from, including classics of every stripe.

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For example, if Buick is your brand of choice, you can start a good mix of classic and contemporary cars. Whether you’re wanting to customize a current-gen Regal or Verano, a 1970 Buick GSX, or a classic 1987 Regal GNX, you have your pick.

From there, you can modify everything from the bumpers and the side skirts to the grilles and the interior. You can add a custom background (or any number of pre-selected images) and share your handiwork with your friends on social media.

In any case, it’s a free app that’s quite intuitive and ideal for whiling away a few minutes here and there. Check it out!

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