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4 Best Off-Road Parks in Georgia

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Georgia offers a wide variety of terrain, from muddy to mountainous, which makes it a off-road enthusiasts’s paradise. Check out these four popular motorcycle & ATV parks in Georgia to see for yourself.

durhamtown plantation | off-road parks in georgia

Durhamtown Plantation

Hours of Operation: 9-5 every day

Location: Union Point, GA

Cost of Admission: $30 weekends, $25 weekdays

Types of Vehicles Allowed: Motorcycles, ATVs, Go Carts

This location offers six motocross tracks and three training tracks. There are also 90 miles of off-road trails and a drag strip for bikes and ATVs. Spend a weekend here with all the comforts of home–an RV park, showers, a restaurant, and more.

Off-Road Parks in Georgia rockcrusher farm

Rockcrusher Farm

Hours of Operation: 9-5:30 weekends

Location: Hiawasee, GA

Cost of Admission: $15 per person

Types of Vehicles Allowed: Motorcycles, ATVs

Rockcrusher Farm is located right on the border of Georgia and North Carolina. You’ll find a mile-long motocross track here as well as several off-road trails.

Whissenhunt ORV Area off-road parks in georgia

Whissenhunt ORV Area

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to sunset

Location: Dahlonega, GA

Cost of Admission: $5 per driver per day

Types of Vehicles Allowed: Motorcycles and ATVs

The Wissenhunt ORV Area is owned and operated by the United States Forest Service, so you just need to buy a recreation pass to use the land. Only motorcycles and ATVs are allowed on the trails.

highland park off-road parks in georgia

Highland Park

Hours of Operation: 9 to 5

Location: Cedartown, GA

Cost of Admission: $20 for one day, $35 for two days

Types of Vehicles Allowed: Motorcycles and ATVs

Highland Park offers 65 miles of one-way trails of various difficulty levels. It’s located in a mountainous area and offers camping, hiking, and more for those who prefer to stay off the wheels.