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4 Essential Riding Accessories to Gear Up for Road-Tripping This Spring

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Essential Riding Accessories for Motorcycles

Make sure you have the following crucial riding accessories for your motorcycle before hitting the road

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, you might be thinking about taking out your motorcycle and seeing the country for a few days or weeks. While the experience is certainly amazing and worthwhile, if you don’t plan ahead and bring all of the necessary equipment, you could wind up having a terrible time out on the road. To prevent that from happening, consider this list of basic gear you should have for your spring road trip.

motorcycle riding gearWarm Weather Riding Gear

For most of the year, a bike jacket and gloves are meant to keep you warm from the bitter cold winds that assault your body as you tear down the highway. In the spring and summer months, however, they become portable microwaves that sap you of your sweat and strength in minutes. Be sure to buy breathable clothes that won’t turn you into a soggy mess before you hit your first rest stop.

touring bagTouring Bag

If you plan on heading out for a few days, then one of the essential motorcycle accessories you can bring is a saddlebag. This is where you’ll be holding your water, extra clothes, and other equipment that will make your journey much more enjoyable. Get one that is water-resistant as well, just in case of April showers.


motorcycle coverMotorcycle Cover

The best time to ride is in the morning, but that’s after you spend twenty minutes mopping up all of the dew and humidity that has collected on your accessories overnight. To save you some time and the feeling of a wet seat, bring a motorcycle cover.


Spending all day on the road is an incredible experience, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have downsides. One of the most common complaints that riders have is the constant barrage of wind noise on their ears. During your regular commute, it’s not so bad, but eight hours on the road means you could go temporarily deaf with each stop. Earplugs will be your best friend.

If you plan ahead and take care of any motorcycle upgrades before you head out on the road, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Simply enjoy the scenery and the good life.

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