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4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sports Car

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The 2017 Porsche 911 GTS comes with more horsepower than the previous version and a new Targa model has also been added to the lineup

The 2017 Porsche 911 GTS

You’re standing in front of the iconic London Eye when a McLaren 675LT Spider zips by and parks a few meters away. What are you looking at now? No prizes for guessing that. This is the impact a sports car creates. Man or woman, boy or girl, we all love sports car and many of us have always wished to own one ourselves. But before you hit the pedal and proceed to invest in one, here are some meaningful things to consider:

  1. The number game.

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself whether you have the budget for a sports car. There is a gigantic difference between owning a conventional sedan and a sports car. Be honest with yourself. Take out your calculator, write down your total income and deduct the monthly instalment you will have to pay. The down payment too, if applicable. Does the final deduction leave you with enough to pay for the remaining essentials? If the answer is “no,” then now isn’t the time to invest in your sports car. There is no wisdom in going behind a luxury which will drag you into disarray.

  1. More than 4 wheels and a stylish roof.

If you have ever owned a car before, then you are well aware of the maintenance costs involved. Owning a sports car is more than just owning a stylish piece of aluminium resting on four wheels. Remember that sports cars are built with parts that are not produced in large quantities when compared with regular vehicles. This means that the cost of spare parts can be much higher than with a regular car. Crucial parts like brakes, tires, and condensers wear out very soon and require immediate attention. But you can easily find what you need online at websites like VoucherBin. These websites often have great deals for automotive parts, from disk brakes to exhaust systems, helping you save costs.

  1. Convertible or not?

Let’s face it, most people love the idea of dropping the top and driving with the wind in their hair. Not all sports cars are convertible, so this is a matter of choice. But there are two key factors behind choosing a convertible or non-convertible. The first factor is the weather; if you live in an area where precipitation is rampant, then you should probably opt for a non-convertible. The second important factor is the price—a convertible will cost you more in the summer than in winter for the very basic reason that the convertible mode is completely useless during the rainy seasons.

  1. The controls.

Last but not the least; let’s talk about the technicalities. Once you’ve completed your car search and have your options narrowed down, it’s time to release your final bunch of questions. Observe the car like a jeweler observes a diamond. Investigate each and every part. For example, the tires should have good grip so that the wheels roll firmly. Test drive the car and see if it works with your driving style. Horsepower, torque, and the number of cylinders must be considered carefully before taking your final decision. Test the controls in and around the steering wheel. Run it for ample time in all gears. The steering wheel, the accelerator, and the brakes must feel easy to access and operate. You want to feel as connected to your car as possible. When buying a sports car, be wise and patient. And once the decision has been taken, enjoy every second of that ultra-low sitting experience!

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