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4 Types of Car Aficionados We Love to Hate

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There are so many different kinds of people that like cars. However, while everyone is free to enjoy the splendor of vehicles any way they choose, some types of people really have a knack for making the rest of the community frown. These are the type of drivers and car aficionados that profess their love for cars in such a way that drives other people nuts. So instead of having a nice conversation about which is your favorite car from TV, you end up staying as far as possible from them. Read on to see our four top offenders.

The Brand Fanboys

These are the people that love a particular brand of automobiles and won’t hear anything positive about a competing brand. In their eyes, their brand is great and everything else is inferior. They can be quite snobbish in the way they act and they can definitely get on your nerves. While they might be up to date with everything going on about that specific brand, everything else eludes them, as they have no interest in “inferior brands.” The funny thing is that most people in this category usually can’t afford the car they are fanboy-ing over.

The Elitists

This subcategory is very similar to the fanboys, as they revolve around only appreciating a certain type of car. Maybe they love expensive sports models or very luxurious cars like limousines. If you show them regular cars or brands that most people can afford, they will look down upon them and even on you for your unqualified opinion. They usually can’t be reasoned with so there’s no point in trying to explain to them that there are great cars out there that don’t completely wreck your life savings.

The Hipsters

Hipsters have found a way to infiltrate all ranks of society and car enthusiasts are no exception. Here, hipsters profess their appreciation for classic and old school vehicle models. While many car lovers like the classic models, not all of them really care that much about them. That’s why they should stay clear of this category of car lovers. Hipsters will try to convince you that your expertise is lesser than theirs because you don’t know every vintage Beetle model by precise year and trim.

The Braggers

Braggers are the easiest to spot because they won’t miss an opportunity to brag about their cars and their achievements. How do you know if a bragger has done something worth mentioning with their car or if they have a particularly attractive car? They’ll tell you about it. While there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, shoving them in everyone’s face is unlikely to be the way to go about making new friends in the auto community.

If you love cars and spend your time around automobile enthusiasts and car lover circles, you probably know a couple of people that fit these descriptions. Most aren’t trying to be annoying; it’s just something they’re not aware of. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that all the other car aficionados need to learn how to keep their distance unless they want their day ruined.

Guest poster: Costea Lestoc

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