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Watch This Guy Catch 55 Consecutive Green Lights in Manhattan

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Everything is an art (except twerking); it just takes the right kind of artist to create a masterpiece. YouTuber Tim Burke created his own masterpiece of sorts while cruising the streets of Manhattan at 3am in the morning.

55 consecutive green lights

Tim Burke catches 55 consecutive green lights while driving in Manhattan.

Burke challenged himself to catch as many green lights in a row as possible by maintaining the proper speeds at the proper times. Rather than speeding up only to slam on the brakes ten feet later, like a crazy taxi that he synced up with for a bit, Burke was able to time his motion just right so that he caught 55 consecutive green lights while driving downtown.

55 consecutive green lights

This taxi speed demon couldn’t quite figure it out.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so entertained while counting to 55. Check out the video footage of his late night adventure below.

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