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5K GM Employees Pitching In As Part of Sixth Annual teamGM Cares Week

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teamGM Cares Belle Isle Park

This week marks the sixth annual teamGM Cares Week, a five-day nationwide outreach program wherein more than 5,000 General Motors employees will take up tasks aimed at improving communities all over the country. It’s estimated that GM volunteers will help to advance or complete more than 225 different projects, including everything from urban beautification to food packaging and distribution.

“Our employees volunteer all year long, but teamGM Cares Week is unique,” said Heidi Magyar, director, Community Outreach. “By devoting an entire week to giving back, we make an enormous impact in the communities we live and work. We believe a safer, smarter, sustainable world is built community by community.”

General Motors notes that its employees have pledged more than 50,000 hours just to projects and organizations having to do with STEM education in 2017 alone. On the whole, more than 96,000 volunteer hours have been tallied by GM employees during the first eight months of 2017.

Projects taking place during teamGM Cares Week range far and wide, involving everywhere from dozens to hundreds of employees and lasting anywhere from a few hours to the entire week. Around 25 employees will lead a day of science and nature studies at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on September 14th. On the flip side, approximately 1,300 volunteers will spend the week packing food and pitching in at Gleaners Community Food Bank, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, and Forgotten Harvest, helping the hungry in GM’s native Metro Detroit.

More information on the various and sundry projects taking place this week can be found at