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7 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Haul Your Car

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Looking to transfer your car to a different state? Wondering how to get your extra car to your new place? Planning to haul it yourself? Don’t!

Moving to a different place is a common phase in many people’s lives, but physically moving everything requires a lot of help. Luggage is easy to move, but moving your car to a different location can be difficult and stressful.

Don’t Haul It Yourself

Hauling your car to your new home is not always a good idea because of the following reasons:

It is difficult: It’s much harder than it looks to haul your car long-distance because you can’t just pull your car on the trailer and hit the road; rather it requires proper equipment and licenses to do the job. It is neither safe for your car or yourself if you do it under no professional supervision or help.

Even though it’s your own car, it is not free: Self-hauling can be expensive because you need to rent a truck, pay for gas, buy a trailer hitch, and have some saved up for wear and tear. Driving it yourself is not easy, either. You also need to alert your insurance provider of your intent, in case something bad happens.

Car theft can happen: It is extremely risky to carry a single car on a trailer because the chances of car theft increase, as opposed to many cars on a single trailer. There is also a high risk of problems with the truck on the way, which is frustrating and time-consuming.

It requires research: It is not as simple as it looks. You need to take care of various documents like insurance, traveling between states/cities/neighborhoods, and equipment that is going to be used. It’s far more time consuming than the money a professional might charge.

En-route parking is a hassle: If you need to stop for gas or something, parking the trailer near the highway alone—or even with a friend—can be next to impossible. Is the hassle worth the money you’re trying to save?

Protect your asset: Some drivers see their cars as more than a box of aluminum. If you took a lot of time and effort to choose the perfect car, potentially damaging it just to save a few bucks is not a wise decision. Protect your asset by hiring a professional truck transport service to move your car.

Professionals are licensed and experienced: The main reason for you to not haul your car yourself is the fact that professionals are licensed and experienced in completing this task safely. They have a better understanding of all the required equipment, documentation required for the job, and they also ensure you can transport your car safely. It is obviously a better choice to hire a professional to complete the job and it is well worth the money. If a few extra bucks can ensure the safety of your car and save you from the hassle of transporting it yourself, then spend it!

Is it Worth It?

After reading all of the above, do you still think it’s worth it to haul it yourself? Which is the much safer option? Obviously, hiring a professional is!

So don’t be skeptical about hiring a truck transport in Perth to transport your car to a different location safely. Just do it!

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