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8 Sports Leagues & Pro Teams Sponsored by Hyundai

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Hyundai NFL football professional league sponsorship association

Corporate sponsorship and partnerships have become ubiquitous in organized sports leagues, both in America and internationally. You can’t watch a professional game on TV or go to a local stadium without seeing brand names stamped on every banner or product. If you watch football, soccer, or one of these other sports, you’ve undoubtedly seen Hyundai’s name.

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Sports Leagues That Hyundai Sponsors

National Football League (NFL): Currently the brand’s biggest sponsorship deal, Hyundai took over as head automotive sponsor of the NFL, booting out GM two years ago. This has given Hyundai rights to the NFL Draft and Super Bowl, too. Read more..

NFL Teams (Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins): Over the past few years, Hyundai has made deals with multiple NFL teams to have a more targeted local presence on local commercials and at the stadiums, via on-site events and advertising. Read more…

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football: For over half a decade, Hyundai Motors has been the official automotive sponsor of NCAA Football, using its well-known #ThisIsLoyalty campaign and setting up tailgating booths at college stadiums across the nation. Read More…

PGA Tour: Hyundai sponsors the Tournament of Champions, while its luxury brand Genesis plays title sponsor of the Genesis Open. Read more…Hyundai Archery world championship cup sports sponsorship

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA): Hyundai has sponsored over a dozen FIFA competitions since its initial alliance in 1999; it extended its partnership with FIFA collaboratively with Kia, giving the brands rights all FIFA competitions, including multiple FIFA cups until 2022. Read more…

Union Des Associations Européennes De Football (UEFA): Hyundai had a major presence in 2016’s UEFA Euro 2016 and previous UEFA tournaments as a major sponsor. Read more… 

World Archery: In 2015, Hyundai signed a deal with World Archery that claims the rights to the World Archery Championships and Archery World Cup, plus branding and activation partnerships. Read more…

International Cricket Council (ICC): From 2011 to 2015, Hyundai was the automotive sponsor of the ICC and its World Cup, though the brand was replaced by Nissan in 2015.

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