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91-Year-Old Man Fulfills Dream of Driving a Car Through a Garage

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The realization of one man's dream Photo: Press Info

The realization of one man’s dream
Photo: Press Info

When most people form a bucket list, they choose activities like climbing Mt. Everest or skydiving. 91-year-old Walter Thomas of Woodstock, Illinois is a man of simple taste. He wanted to drive a car through a garage door.

According to The Woodstock Independent, Thomas got to fulfill his bizarre wish last Sunday. Becky Goers, granddaughter of Walter Thomas, told The Woodstock Independent that her grandfather had always wanted to back a car through his garage door.

“He always wondered if the garage door would pop off, or if the frame would come down with it,” Goers said. A chicken-or-the-egg dilemma if there ever was one. One that Walter Thomas was determined to answer.

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“Every time I back out of the garage, I think about backing through the door,” Thomas said in a Daily Mail article. Thomas was gripped with a garage-destroying passion, and his grandchildren searched for a way to help him.

The face of a man obsessed with garage destruction Photo: NBC News

The face of a man obsessed with garage destruction
Photo: NBC News

Becky Goers and her brother Andrew Thomas hatched a plan to make their grandfather’s dream a reality. Andrew Thomas, a deputy for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, located a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo about to be transported to the junkyard by the local Midas Touch. Jeff McGrath, owner of Woodstock’s Midas, donated the Rodeo to the family. Now all there was to do was find a garage.

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Luckily, Nick and Jamielynn Wedoff, two of Thomas’ friends, were planning on demolishing their garage soon anyway. And so the venue was set. On Sunday afternoon, a crowd of spectators gathered to watch one old man’s dream come true. Wearing a race car helmet, Thomas hit the pedal to the metal and busted through the garage’s wooden doors. In one swift move, Walter Thomas vanquished the garage like David defeating Goliath.

“Just live life to the extreme,” Thomas advised. Truly, one of the wisest sages of our time.

News Source: The Woodstock Independent, The Daily Mail