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A Brief History of the Modern Automobile

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It’s been a very long time since humans first realized they can use wheels to make life a lot easier and more fun. Since that moment, a lot of milestones have been reached and a lot of progress has been made. With the future promising even more accomplishments, we thought it would be pretty fun to just take a moment and check out what people have accomplished over the years. If you’re ready to join us in this little trip down memory lane, let’s begin.

The Wheel

It wouldn’t be right to start off with anything other than the invention of the wheel. Of course, pinpointing the exact inception of the wheel is hard but it is believed that it has been invented around 6500 BC. That’s quite a long time ago but that moment has influenced history to this very day, to a huge extent.

The First Steam-Powered Vehicle

The first vehicle powered by steam surfaced in France around the year 1769. You could say that this was somewhat of a beginning for what modern vehicles would turn out to be. However, there would still be a very long road ahead before humanity would get to the point where cars would pilot themselves and even ride on water.

The Motorcycle

Even though we’re talking about cars, it’s important to mention that in the year 1869, Germany produced what would be referred to as the motorcycle. Of course, the version available today is infinitely improved but it has that first German model to thank. On the way to creating cars, motorcycles were an important step in the journey.

Combustion Engine

The Germans were also responsible for the first internal combustion engine. They managed to pull this one off in the year 1885 and it played an important role in how the car concept would evolve in the years to come. This once again only attests to the German technical prowess that has been alive for many years now.

The First US Car

The United States was responsible for putting the first car run by gasoline in function. It managed to create the first model which would be capable of such a thing, using what they had learned from other discoveries prior but also but adding their own flair and expertise to the matter. The year was 1892 and this prototype would see many improvements over the ages.

Germany Brings Diesel Power

The diesel engine was created in Germany in the year 1895 and it has since remained a staple in how cars are created and operated. Although many years have passed since then, it is safe to assume that today’s car manufacturers are eternally grateful for the discovery and massive contribution to the automobile world.

Sweden Chips In Big Time

With all this work being put in by the US, Germany, and France, many were wondering when other countries would get their time in the spotlight. The time for Sweden to shine arrived in 1959 when it managed to invent the seatbelt. The seatbelt is an item without which people wouldn’t be able to drive today.

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