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A Nail in Your Tire Warrants Immediate Attention

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Perhaps a light on your dashboard alerted you to the problem or you spotted it with a perimeter check, but no matter how you found out, you have to deal with a nail in your tire quickly to avoid the problem from getting worse. Yes, seeing a nail embedded in your tire is annoying, but not necessarily a sign to panic (at least not a full-on panic attack), yet.

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“Over time, tires pick up rocks, nails, screws, and other things that can potentially cause problems and holes. If you have a nail in your tire, it is time to have a professional look at your vehicle,” reports writer Valerie Johnston. “If may be safe to drive a short distance, but not much more than that.”

According to Johnston, don’t mess with the nail—just schedule an appointment to have the tire fixed because the more miles you log on a compromised tire, the more risky driving becomes and the more damage you can cause.

“If you do not get your tire repaired soon, the tire could blowout causing an even bigger problem. A blowout causes a dangerous situation as you can potentially lose control of your vehicle,” according to Johnston.

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If you notice that there is a significant amount of air leaking from the sight of the nail, don’t attempt to drive.

“If the air leak is major, it is not recommended to drive on the damaged tire. You can check this by placing your hand above the puncture to feel for air. If you’re at home, spraying soapy water around the nail or screw will make bubbles if air is escaping. If you can actually hear the leak, the tire will likely not hold air long enough for you to drive on it. In either case, do not remove the nail until you visit a repair facility,” according to the experts at

Once at the repair center, a mechanic can assess if the tire is patchable or if a new tire purchase is necessary.

News Source: Your Mechanic, Repair Pal