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A Successful Month for the Compass and Cherokee Helps Jeep Stabilize Sales in October

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Jeep sales were only down by 3% last month, a far better outcome than throughout the rest of 2017

2016 Jeep Cherokee Front End

The Cherokee had an exceptionally good October, quite the contrast to how it has been performing

During the month of October, Jeep continued on its path to sales recovery. In fact, at the end of the month, sales for the Jeep brand were only down 3%.

Jeep sold 67,074 vehicles last month, once again the most out of any FCA brand. Last October, the brand sold 68,826 vehicles.

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Jeep’s best-selling vehicle last month was the Grand Cherokee, with a total of 17,215 units sold. However, in terms of sales growth, the slightly smaller Cherokee model actually fared better, with a 19% sales increase.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, meanwhile, experienced a 4% sales decline in October. This trend is somewhat odd, as the year-to-date performances of both models are quite different.

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During the first 10 months of 2017, Jeep sold 198,460 Grand Cherokee vehicles, easily making it the best-selling Jeep in the brand’s lineup. Furthermore, this is a marked improvement on the model’s sales performance during the first 10 months of 2016—a 16% improvement, in fact.

Meanwhile, at this point in 2016, the Jeep Cherokee was actually outselling its larger counterpart. This year, the Cherokee’s year-to-date sales are down by 22%, with the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler outselling it.

Wrangler sales are set to skyrocket with the introduction of the new generation of Wrangler vehicles

Speaking of the Wrangler, year-to-date sales for the model remain relatively unchanged between 2016 and 2017. Sill, last month’s Wrangler sales were down by 7%.

Finally, it’s important to note the rapidly growing success of the brand-new Jeep Compass. Replacing both the previous Compass and the Patriot, the new Compass’ sales experienced an 81% increase for the Compass nameplate.

Unsurprisingly, sales for the Jeep Patriot are way down on its way out. Last month, the Patriot’s sales were down by 87%, and year-to-date sales for the model are similarly down by 62%.

2016 Jeep Patriot Front End

The Compass is finding success as the Patriot exits the industry

At the end of October, Jeep had sold 689,316 vehicles, an 11% sales decline for the year. Still, with new models like the latest Compass and upcoming Wrangler, Jeep is set to potentially start seeing sales gains once again.

You can see how each Jeep performed last month in the chart below:

Jeep October 2017 Sales