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Ace Metrix Names Mazda North American Operations 2015 Automotive Brand of the Year

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History of the Mazda Logo

Well, well, well. It seems that Mazda isn’t done getting awards for 2015. Ace Metrix, a video advertising analytics company, has announced that Mazda North American Operations is the company’s 2015 Automotive Brand of the Year (non-luxury category), primarily for Mazda’s Driving Matters campaign, which scored the best in likeability and relevance to viewers.

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“Communicating with our customers and understanding their wants and needs is the very foundation of our business; the better we can be at that, the better job we can do building a relationship with them,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing, MNAO.

The Driving Matters campaign focused mainly on relatable life events and daily routine as enhanced by your car. Both commercials “Driver’s Life” and “Bringing Baby Home” resonated very strongly with parents.

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Ace Metrix scores every nationally-airing TV ad and the majority of digital video ads across 24 industries with 96 categories, allowing the company to not only report on the brand’s effectiveness during the current year, but also on the brand’s effectiveness compared to previous years. The Ace Score comes from a panel of 500+ viewers, which creates a number based on attributes like Persuasion, Likeability, Information, Attention, Change, Relevance, Desire, and Watchability.

As always, Mazda is thrilled. “We are honored to receive this recognition from Ace Metrix and feel that it validates our efforts in trying to engage with our customers in a way that they appreciate,” said Wager.