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Addition of AutoPark Lands Chrysler 300 Back on Consumer Reports’ List of Recommended Vehicles

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The Chrysler 300 is back in Consumer Reports’ good graces

The new rotary-based transmission featured in the Chrysler 300 and other FCA models has been nothing if not controversial. In fact, alarming situations that arose from the transmission caused Consumer Reports to remove the car from its list of recommended vehicles.

In response, FCA recently added new software to the transmission system to address these issues. As a result, Consumer Reports has once again added the Chrysler 300 to its recommended list.

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Many drivers find the new rotary interface for FCA’s vehicles to be frustrating or confusing. More importantly, Consumer Reports stated that the system could potentially lead to several dangerous situations.

Previously, when a driver exited the vehicle before shifting it into the park position, or when the driver shut off the engine while the vehicle was still in gear, the potential for the vehicle rolling away was introduced. Because of the new interface, many drivers have trouble telling when the vehicle is in park.

2016 Chrysler 300C Platinum Center Console

This little knob is causing a lot of problems

To address these issues, FCA has introduced its AutoPark software to the transmission system. AutoPark ensures that such rollaways are prevented.

When the driver opens the door to their vehicle with their seatbelt off, AutoPark automatically switches the vehicle to the park position. Meanwhile, if drivers turn their vehicle off while it is in another gear, AutoPark will also place the vehicle in park.

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This new system solved enough problems for Consumer Reports to once again recommend the Chrysler 300. AutoPark has also been added to the Ram 1500 and Dodge Durango, which have similar rotary-based transmissions.

FCA has stated that it plans to add the upgrade to Chrysler 300 models built between 2015 and 2017. If the rotary transmission was a big turn off for you, you can at least rest easy knowing that the system’s safety has been improved.

News Source: Consumer Reports