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Adult Swim Drive-In Theater to Tour America

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Adult Swim Drive In tour

Adult Swim relies heavily on the kind of people who enjoy watching cartoons alone at 2:00 am because they’re too tired/intoxicated/socially awkward to be out doing things with other humans. But apparently the cable channel thinks that at least part of its demographic would enjoy a more communal viewing experience, because it will soon be hitting the road with a pop-up drive-in theater in tow, inviting fans to come see unaired episodes of their favorite shows.

The 2015 Adult Swim Drive-In tour will last six weeks and hit 15 cities, beginning today in Pittsburgh on September 17th and concluding in Sacramento on October 13th (full list of cities and dates below).

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Unreleased episodes of shows like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, and Black Jesus will be screened, alongside an upcoming series called Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, a live-action mini-series created by Jon Glaser (Delocated).

There’s also going to be trivia and prizes on hand, as well as free meal vouchers for food trucks, which will be handed out while supplies last.

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The official website states that “blankets, pillows, slankets, blillows, and chairs [are] welcome.” Sounds delightful!

Here are the Adult Swim Drive-In tour dates:

Pittsburgh—Sept. 17

Baltimore—Sept. 19

Charlotte, N.C.—Sept. 22

Nashville, Tennessee—Sept. 26

Atlanta—Sept. 29

New Orleans—Oct. 2

Dallas—Oct. 6

Houston—Oct. 8

San Antonio—Oct. 12

Tucson, Arizona—Oct. 17

Phoenix—Oct. 20

San Francisco—Oct. 23

San Diego—Oct. 26

Los Angeles—Oct. 28

Sacramento, California—Oct. 31

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