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Adult Swim’s Free Drive-In Tour Returns this Fall

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Adult Swim Drive In tour

Last year, Adult Swim toured the country with a pop-up drive-in theatre, screening unaired episodes of its current and upcoming television series. The cable channel took its unique and surreal brand of humor to parking lots in 15 cities over the course of six weeks, encouraging fans to drive in and bring along their “blankets, pillows, slankets, blillows, and chairs.”

The Adult Swim Drive-In Tour will be back and bigger than ever this fall, with screenings taking place in actual parks, drive-in theaters, and stadiums—including the Chicago Bears’ Soldier Field and Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.

In addition to larger venues, this year’s tour will also feature “food trucks, free popcorn, concessions, games, and prizes” at each stop. Get there early enough, and you may be able to snag a voucher for a free meal from one of the on-site food trucks, which will be handed out while supplies last.

Bringing in outside food and drink is also permitted—though no booze allowed.

The press release also promises that those in attendance will get to experience the “ultimate exclusive sneak peek at unaired episodes, never-before-seen pilots and specials, and loads of other Adult Swim favorites.”

Best of all, it’s totally free (as long as you’re over the age of 18—sorry, precocious middle schoolers). You just have to go to the website to RSVP.

Here is a full list of the 2016 Adult Swim Drive-In Tour dates:

8/18—Balloon Fiesta Park—Albuquerque, NM

8/22—Blue Starlite Drive-In—Austin, TX

8/26—Old National Centre—Indianapolis, IN

8/29—Nissan Stadium—Nashville, TN

9/1—South Drive-In Theatre—Columbus, OH

9/6—Belle Isle Park—Detroit, MI

9/8—Soldier Field—Chicago, IL

9/10–88 Drive-In Theatre—Denver, CO

9/15—CenturyLink Field—Seattle, WA

9/17—Portland Meadows—Portland, OR

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